Crystal Central

We are a ROBLOX script, we have an official discord server with over 2000+ members.

About Us

A popular roblox da Hood script.

  • Over 70+ features
  • Free to use, and has a paid version with over 100+ features.
  • Supports Synapse X, KRNL, Fluxus and any other paid exploit!

Join the discord for more information, active members aswell!

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What is Crystal Central?

Crystal Central is a growing da Hood script. Released a few weeks ago with tons of working features!


Main Team

Here are the developer/s and Owners of Crystal Central!


Co-Owner of CC.

I am Lewis, well known as Guest / Guesty. My skills are : Lua, C# and Learning HTML.


CEO Founder of CC.



Co-Owner of CC.



Co-Owner of CC.


Frequently Asked Questions

Crystal Central

  • How to use the script?

    The script is obtainable for free on the website, or in the discord. You need a executor to use the script.

  • Fluxus, Synapse X, Sirhurt & KRNL.

  • Server Rules

    • No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or abusive content. • Your can use NSFW emjies • All users must be 13 or older. • No advertising, unless you are posting it under #pics_n_links. • No advertising in DMs unless the person asked for the advertisement. • No insults (unless you're a bot). • No bot commands outside of #bot_commands (unless it is to explain something/answer someone's question). • No posting scams and copy-pastas, they will get deleted and can lead to a ban. • Do not prank staff, it can result in a ban and some trouble for you. • Do not message staff unless they have told you that you can. • Our staff members are allowed to ban you for any reason. Mentions - Do not mention users without a good reason. - Do not use @​here or @​everyone + You can ping bots. + You can ping @『👑』Head Admin or @『💎』Mod when you have a question or bug report. + You can ask @DM FOR SUPPORT / Vasotexus for suggestions. + You can ping someone to reply to questions/suggestions/bug-reports. + You are allowed to mention the person you are talking to. Music + Test in #『🤖』bot-commands . For more commands. + Let other also test out the music plugin, if someone else wants to try let them. - Don't stop the music if there are still others in the voice channel. - No long songs (max half a hour, exception for MUSIC livestreams). - Don't spam the same song multiple times. Infractions • 1st violation will results in a bot warning. • 2nd violation will results in being excluded from any channel on the server. • 3rd violation will results in a ban. All of your accounts will get checked. • Any following violations are permanent bans. If you have any questions, DM @Crystal Central .

    Script Rules

    None :)